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new2me drpa+ requesting setup info

tedsalttedsalt Posts: 5
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I just picked up a drpa+ yesterday and hope to use it for an outdoor classic rock gig Friday evening. I've watched youtube videos on setup and read some of the set up info. I also picked up a RTA-M. Unfortunately the equipment we will be using are not in the cookie cutter definitions.

We will be running passive tops and an active sub. We have a Peavey IPR3000 that will drive two Peavey PV 215 tops, and one (Music Group) Turbosound iQ18B powered sub. Any recommendations on settings? We're coming off an older Peavey 24FX board.

Thanks in advance!

Edward Alt


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    tedsalttedsalt Posts: 5
    digging up specs ...
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    tedsalttedsalt Posts: 5
    Well, I guess I will have to manually configure gain structure the day of, as the Peavey IPR 3000 is not one of the preset list amps. Also, I have sent a message to Music Group in regards to the following (for active sub): If you are using powered speakers you will need to know what the maximum input of the powered speaker is. The maximum output of the Driverack PA is 20 dBu (about 7.75 Volts).You would have to find out how much attenuation is needed on the amp/speaker so that an input of about 7.75 Volts (20 dBu) would be just under the clip point of the amp

    I did see the Peavey PV 215 speakers in the preset list, but nothing else.

    This is going to be interesting ...
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    tedsalttedsalt Posts: 5
    So I guess I'll start with the following:
    The Driverack, Gain structure, and system setup information

    as the sub is powered:
    Setting gain structure with active speakers
    Gadget wrote:
    self powered speakers are usually self limited and as such will start at some predeteremined level. If there is a clip light on the speakers you could inject pink noise till they just blink, you could mark that point on the mixer output meters, but as you say, that would be very loud. You could just do what most do and set the gain structure on the rest of the system and allow the speakers limiters to do thier job.. monitoring the clip lights when at performance volume for activity. If the clip lights are just blinking you better stay at or below that level.

    More good info:
    outdoor auto eq question (including gain structure, etc)
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Where did my reply go? That is strange.

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