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Can I bypass the crossover function?

DonKsoundDonKsound Posts: 2
edited July 2016 in PA General Discussion
I'm working with a small church that had a Driverack PA included in their sound system installation several years back. The system has changed significantly since the original install (speakers have gone bad, amps have been changed, etc.) The FOH set up now consists of two sets of speakers, one pair forward and a 2nd pair part way to the back. All of the speakers are of the full range variety with internal crossovers. I would like to use the DBX's AFS and time delay/alignment features but bypass all crossover treatments. Can this be accomplished and how would I configure this layout?

Thanks you


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    How far apart are the speakers (front to back)? Are they using a delay for the back speakers?
    You can't technically bypass the x-over, but you can open it up to allow the speaker to receive all that they should (you should set up a hi pass filter).

    The DRPA can be set up to control both sets, with many ways to do that.

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