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Setting for delay speaker

soundsystemsoundsystem Posts: 3
edited August 2016 in PA General Discussion

As a former DCX2496 user, I'm wondering how to setup next situation in a PA2:

Front speaker, so 0m delay
Delay speaker, 20 meters away
(all running mono, only speech)

I already figured out that output delay isn't long enough :evil: , so I have to use input delay?
But how do I configure input 1 with delay 0m, and input 2 delay 20 meters?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The input delay delays ALL signals in the PA2, so the front are delayed along with the ones 20m out. You gain nothing. The PA2 only has 10ms of delay, and you need approximately 65ms of delay. Even if you went in left and looped back through right for the other 10ms, you are only 1/3rd the way there. You need a DR260, or Venu360 to do what you need there.
    Adding a separate delay unit for the back speakers output would be the cheapest solution. Check used on Ebay.

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    So you can't set delays at the inputs independent to each other?
    That sucks, now I have to get back to my dcx2496 which is way more flexible with the routing stuff...

    I thought get some more decent unit by spending more money than a berry dcx :roll:
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