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Help interperting JBL speaker tuning chart

James85James85 Posts: 63
edited August 2016 in DriveRack PA2
I've attached a sample tuning spec sheet for SRX728s with a passive top. Question on understanding the settings as would be inputted into a 260 or other Xov.
My assumptions on setting the Xover.
30.4 Hz is the cutoff for the LF sent to the sub.

74.3 Hz is the other end of the xover curve. Anything over this is cut. A DR "Low" output will only pass a signal in this range.

The Output hi freq of 81.1 Hz is what is set on the HP or "high out" Xover meaning freqs below this are cut, everything else above passes to the cab. This is the signal sent out to the top cabs.

The EQ data is simply a sub tweak with db boost and Q setting.

I've always just used a DR wiz but now I am digging into the capabilities of using crown amps DSP, adjusting presets, etc. I did notice that the DR PA2 has settings for early itechs and the STX/SRX passive boxes now..which solves my problem. I do want to learn the proper way to interpet Xover settings though.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    X-over Tops:
    74.3hz LR48 - out

    X-over Subs:
    30.4hz BW18 - 81.1hz LR48 (Yes, that indicates an over-lap)

    PEQ for sub:
    Bell @ 76hz, +1.5db, Q=3.5

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    James85James85 Posts: 63
    I see it now. No wonder the curves looked strange when I set it up incorrectly. :roll:

    Thanks again.
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