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DRPA+ Tuning List Model List - New Model Requests

cvjanickcvjanick Posts: 3
edited August 2016 in PA General Discussion
Hello I'm new to the DRPA+ but have used other dbx products in the past such as AFS224.

I think the speaker line up is quite extensive but would be good to see some more amp updates for some of the newer class D power amps such as Crown XLS2500 or Peavey ipr2 and related Crest Pro-Lite series amps.

Does anyone know of a good way to request additions to the DRPA+ Tuning Models and when available would they be provided through the usb update utility?

In the meantime any advice for using the DRPA+ when the amp model is not supported?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If you amp is not in the wizard you have 2 options. One easy, one not so much.
    Easy - use "custom".
    Hard - Get the specs of you amp (power, gain, input sensitivity) and find which amp in the list has the same, or very close, specs.

    Something that you should know about the Wizard... Ignore the man behind the curtain. While helpful, it is a marketing tool. Presets are very generic. With the except of some bi-ampable JBL speakers, there are no parametric "tunings". Most "tunings" are nothing more than high and/or low pass filters. If the amps are in the wizard, a gain differential may be set in the x-over section. It is best to set the gain structure for the amps by following the steps here. viewtopic.php?f=61&t=959

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    Thanks DRA makes sense I will check out the thread you mentioned.
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