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Gain issues with the GoRack

HeavyweightSoundHeavyweightSound Posts: 4
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Greetings! I have a question about the GoRack but I'm having an issue with gain adjust.
1st of all, I have a Tascam x9 DJ mixer, whose output goes into a BBE Sonic enhancer. Output from there to the GoRack & then to a pair of QSC K12 & QSC 18" sub.
With the BBE turned OFF, I've adjusted the mixer output to give a good clean signal with no distortion. I have the GoRack set to 70. The L & R gain lights on the GoRack light up occasionally at about 8 o'clock. If I leave the gains there, then I have to turn up the volume of speakers to 3 o'clock or higher & the volume of the GoRack all the way up, to get enough volume. What am I doing wrong? MANY THANKS!


  • DraDra Posts: 3,780
    #1 - The BBE. I have seen reports that in "bypass" the unit actually (and purposely) applies a filter, so that when you do the "comparison" you hear how "bad" it sounds without it. You should really consider removing it from your system (at least during system set-up).

    This is what I would do.
    Mixer master volume off.
    GoRack at 70 (volume).
    GoRack input gains at full off.
    Speakers volume / input full off.
    If you have a pink noise source, play it into a mixer channel.
    Set channel fader to -0-.
    Increase channel input gain until the channel meter is at -0-.
    Set the master fader to -0-.
    The master meter should be at -0-.
    Increase master fader until meter is bumping the 1st red LED. (if you can't get there, increase the channel fader.)
    Increase GoRack inputs to flash red, then back off just barely enough to stop.
    Remove pink noise and play typical music with the faders where they are.
    Increase the speaker gains until it is louder than you want it, or until the limiters kick in. You should be12:00 or below.

    You can now know that you are not clipping (or limiting) the GoRack or you speakers as long as you stay out of the red on your master's meters.


    PS - Please report back, whether this process works or if you made other adjustments. (I don't have a GoRack. I looked at the manual and applied standard gain setting principles.)
  • Many thanks DRA for your reply! Thought I signed up for email notifications, but I'm just finding this.

    1st of all... Wow! About the BBE... I believe it! Taking it out of the signal chain is a great place to start...

    Unfortunately I can't play pink noise in the bar, where my speakers reside but I guess I could at least run pink noise through my mixer at home, to get the proper input levels on the gorack. I'll report back. thanks again ... Larry
  • DraDra Posts: 3,780
    "Unfortunately I can't play pink noise in the bar, where my speakers reside"

    Just to be clear... I am not advocating playing pink noise into or out of the speakers.

  • Thanks for the clarification. I removed the BBE from the signal chain & followed your instructions & goRack input limit lights goes on at 7 or 8 o'clock. Same results as before. Is this forum monitored by DBX tech support? Not sure what to do at this point. Many, many thanks for your help on this, Dra.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,780
    Tech raaaaaarely comes here. You should call them.
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