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Worthhwhile compromise ?

swetarkusswetarkus Posts: 27
edited September 2016 in DriveRack PA2
Have since before (cheapish) Deltec tops & subs:
(in reality, subs are another box with same 15" woofer without a horn)

Now, we've just got a couple of HZ-SB600 Subs.
18" woofers;

Since we've got amp enough to drive 3-way for both side,
question is; any value, or even possibility, to run this as a 3-way setup ?

Thinking of using the HZ-600's as subs, the 15" "other sub" as midway
and the tops as high...
From what I can tell, the spread is;
SUB - HZ600 = 30Hz – 250Hz
Mid - Deltec BX16 = 45Hz - 250Hz
Top - Deltec GX15 = 45Hz - 20k

Again, might be more pain than gain, was just wondering IF there's any benfit
of splitting mostly the bottom end between the 2 subs ?
Maybe just creating more problems than benefit ....

Plan, if advisable, I thought something like;
HZ 35->80
BX16 - 80->200
GX15 - 200->20k

Again, humbly presenting my lack of knowledge here, just got the boxes and amps...so...


  • By my personal (and only) opinion...

    - A 3 way array is always more "complicated" (in everything), than a 2 way array. Thus, if you can "avoid it", just do it...

    - However, I would try a 3 way array (based on specific speakers) only if I had to "cover" a large area - venue, where low frequencies would "disappear"...

    - I would try a 2 way array (based on Deltec GX15 + HZ600) in any other case. And that, cause a 18" woofer (in most of cases - models) has more "moving air mass" (not only hear but also "feel" the bass) than a 15" woofer. However, there is always the possibility the specific setup to prove "worse" (upon hearing) than Deltec GX15 + Deltec BX16...
  • Thanks....and...I'd say, by default, I agree.
    My home stereo and home cinema approach, that's a lot more purist in my approach..

    Good thing though, on this occasion, we have the venue empty one day in advance,
    we simply went for the extra work of setting up and trying both options...

    Simply put, and very a compromise which by design had it's faults, 6 amp channels through 3 speaker per side,
    that really meant a difference !.

    It is an ourdoor location, and I think it simply came down to more woofer area + amplification helped !

    I used the 18" from 36 to 70, then the standalone 15" from 70-200, then the tops 200->
    Having same amps for all 3, then PA2 made it work very well in the end.

    Of course, would have preferred to have more money and buying better stuff, but hey,,, as a compromise,
    it really worked beyond expectations !!!
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