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Input & output delay combination

swetarkusswetarkus Posts: 27
edited September 2016 in DriveRack PA2
To my defense, I'm not native English, I don't know what I'm doing and it's just for fun..

So, reading the manual back and forth, I'm struggling to draw the right conclusion.

For the output - straightforward and I get it;
Subs a bit behind the fronts, 1meter to be exact = done !
Delay the tops with 1 meter.

Then the input delay should be for instance drumkit, 3 meters back,
but,, as stated ""Don’t forget to take your driver alignment delays into account"

Meaning are these 3 meters now 2 meters as I should subtract the mains delay ?

For the upcoming live scenario, the setup will be;
drums approx 3 meters behind the mains
subwoofer will (at that occasion) be 1 meter in front of the mains
(which they are not now in my home test. Now they are behind)

So, in the live scenario, I would add;
1. the 3 meter from drumkit to the mains
2. the subs should be ? still 1 meter from the mains or 1+3 or 3-1 ?

I'm lost, sorry ....
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