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Faulty Output

JRRichardsonJRRichardson Posts: 3
Hi All,

I have a 260 installed in a venue for speaker management and recently one of the outputs (6) has been playing up.
It's a mono sum output used as front fill and is no where near it usual volume and is very 'phasey', akin to when stereo or headphone cables start to give and the centre image drops right out leaving a bunch of pan and phase related articfacts (which reminds me of those old 'karaoke modes' that some home stereos used to have).

The unit has been working fine otherwise with no other issues.
I have checked and replaced all cabling and tested the amp/speaker with other sources.
Processing still occurs, i.e winding in a HPF or LPF still has its desired effect.

A touring tech in-house at the time referenced a colleagues unit which had an output fail.
Has anyone else had a similar experience or heard of this?

My next plan is to manually note all the settings and do a full systems reboot incase that may be a solve.
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