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Limiter Settings for Speaker Protection

judeacousticjudeacoustic Posts: 11
edited October 2016 in DriveRack VENU360
I am using a venu360 DR and have with forum help made all the settings except this. I'm using 4 FOH speaker 2 per side (Community SLS960) powered by a single CROWN I-Tech4000. Speakers can handle a maximum 400W continuous, 1000W program 57 volts RMS, 126 volts momentary peak Recommended Power Amp: 830W to 1200W @ 8 Ohms (Amp produces enough to send 1000 watts each box 2 per side 4 ohm load) Looking for settings to protect the speakers from damage. Thanks


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    It depends on what you use them for.

    Live sound, with a few exceptions where synths are used or constant very low frequency content, is much more forgiving when it comes to power usage and damage potential.

    DJ work is another story and must be more conservative.

    The 360 (like the 260) has a selectable limiter type.
    Peak Stop Plus (ON) - is a peak limiter.
    Peak Stop Plus (OFF) - is an RMS limiter.

    Which you choose to use is really dependent on what you want.
    Peak prevents mic drops, unplugs, screams, voice coils jump out of their gaps, etc. However, the RMS can continue to climb above their limitations (heat) even though the peaks are stopped, causing you to lose dynamics.
    RMS prevents heat damage and let's you keep your dynamics. But if something causes a peak, something might pop.

    I really wish the 360 had both available at the same time.
    I suppose you could set up mono, use one input and set the output limiter to RMS. Loop that output back to a 2nd input and set the output limiter to Peak. That works unless you needed that input.

    This may work better.
    Set the limiter as RMS.
    Use the compressor as a peak limiter. Set the ratio to INF. No make-up gain. Attack very fast. Overeasy and Hold to suit.

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