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dbx PA+/JBL PRX415M/JBL JRX218S Crossover settings

djricedjrice Posts: 3
edited January 2017 in PA General Discussion
Wanted to know what the recommended crossover setting to use for a dbx PA+ to use for a nightclub. Running a pair of JBL PRX415M with a Crown XTi 4002 amp and one JBL JRX218S Sub with a Crown Xs500 amp.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    That single sub will have a hard time keeping up with the 2 tops, so a lower than normal x-over point should be used to allow the sub to focus output on a smaller band.

    50hz BW18 - 80hz LR

    80hz LR

    You can play with the 80hz to find what works best.

  • djricedjrice Posts: 3
    Hi Dra, you've mention to set the Sub at 50hz BW18 - 80hz LR. What is the setting for LR? Is this setting suppose to be set at 24? Also I notice there is two setting for the low. The second page shows a gain db. Is this where 80hz LR setting should be set or should this be 50hz BW18? Thanks again for your help.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Sorry. Yes, the LR should be LR24.
    Yes, 2 settings for the lows. A HI-PASS filter (low cut) of 50hz, and a LOW-PASS filter (high cut) of 80hz.

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