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Bar setup

*New to dbx zone pro*

Using a 1261m in a sports bar setup. 4 TV's, Jukebox, and an iPod behind the bar. I'm using a zc-3 for source control, was wondering if you could link 2 together (wouldn't make sense), or how to use source control with more than 4 sources? Or is there a 3rd party switch I can use for the TV's?

Again, novice dbx user, any input would be greatly appreciated.



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You can't use 2 ZC3's for the same output zone. They would conflict.
    You need a ZC9.

    So you have 4 TV sources? And you just want to be able to select which of the 4 TV's audio is played over the system? And the other 3 TV's still have their individual (different) video feeds?
    If the 4 TV's were in different areas (2, 3, or 4) and they have their own zones from the 1261m, then you could use a ZC3 for each zone. (Assigned TV, Jukebox, Ipod)

  • Thanks DRA! Looks like I've got two roads I can take, waiting on the client to let me know what capabilities they would like to have.
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