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Would this be a good processor for custom home theater speak

HrmHomeTheaterHrmHomeTheater Posts: 2
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If one were to build custom home theater speakers would the driverack 360 work as digital crossovers and equalization for them as opposed to using a passive crossover?

Should this processor in theory be better than having a passive crossover then?

And they are capable of 4 way operation right?

Does the auto equalization work well enough that you wouldn't have to do it yourself?

How much better is digital crossovers than passive?

I've never used a digital processor before and was hoping he someone could answer my questions thanks.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    It would work really well, except there are only 3 inputs and 6 outputs.
    You would need 2 for 5.1 or 3 for 7.1, for the input side.
    You only spec'd (apparently) the front left and right speakers as 4-way, but didn't mention the center or rears. I'll assume these be full range types.
    For 5.1..... you can organize your inputs anyway that make sense to you, but the 2) 4-ways MUST be on separate 360's. I separated them like this...
    360 #1:
    Input 1 - Front left, Outputs 1,2,3,4
    Input 2 - Center, Output 5
    Input 3 - Sub, Output 6

    360 #2:
    Input 1 - Front right, Outputs 1,2,3,4
    Input 2 - Surround left, Output 5
    Input 3 - Surround right, Output 6

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