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Use only EQ in DRPX

entertain70entertain70 Posts: 3
edited December 2016 in DriveRack PX
I use Mackie's SRM450 with SWA1501 subs and the internal crossover (@120 Hz) built in the subs.
How can I bypass the crossover in the DRPX to send the fullrange signal to my speakers?
Is it enough to use e.g. the SRM450 setting, or will I loose the low frequencies?
The SWA1501 Manual says 36HZ, -10dB and 47Hz, -3dB.
Finally I want to use only the EQ-section to correct frequencies causing bad responces in the room.

Thanks in advance,


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    just set up any full range program. Open up the filter (x-over) and set the low limits as you see fit.

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