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Venu360 setting up for karaoke

BrandonpdxBrandonpdx Posts: 9
edited December 2016 in DriveRack VENU360
Hello all,
I have a Venu 360 , I want to setting it up for my karaoke system, but I don't know anything about the x-over, compressor , and limiter, I'm try to follow thru the set up manual and the wizard. Music came out okie, but my problem is the vocal come out not really smooth, I feel something compress on the sound , it really heavy and really tired after you sing a song, anyone can help I really want to learn. Thank you for your help
Here what I have and my connection
Mixer onyx 1202 - bbe 882 maxizer- venu360
Speaker I used Qsc K12 for my main
And 2 custom passive speaker for karaoke
Amp for that 2 speaker is crown crown 2000
Sub 10 Krk


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Get rid of the BBE. The only thing I MIGHT consider would be to insert the BBE on the vocal channel as an insert. But likely is not needed, at all. You should not be using the compressor. Read thru the READ ME 1st section for general tips.

  • Thank you DRA
  • Hi DRA,
    Thank you for your opinion, but I have some more question to asking
    1) I had read the topic about set up the ccross over for PA+ can I apply that to venu360 ?
    2) Please give me some opinion on this set up for cross over.
    Hpf 102 bw 18
    Lpf out bw 18
    Gain -0.8
    Phase -25
    Hpf @240 bw18
    Lpf @ 20khz bw18
    Gain -3 db
    Phase 0 because I don't know
    Hp frequency @ 45 hz bw 18
    Lp freq @ 98.4 lr 24
    Gain 0 ?
    Phase -105 deg , I have this number when I run speaker config on wizard
    For my compressor
    Threshold: -4.3 db
    Gain: -1.7
    Ratio 4:1
    Over easy 10
    This set up I copied from someone in google
    Like you said I don't need to turn on compressor and limiter so I turn it off.
    Again I'm really appreciate your help
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I am confused by your set-up. You mention hi, low, and sub for your settings.
    I didn't notice the sub before, but is can't keep up with the K12's. I you feel that you want to use it, I would suggest setting the K12's as HIGHS: 70 hz LR24
    Set the sub and LOWS: 45hz BW18 - 70hz LR24
    Not sure how you are using the "customs".

    Those phase setting? Wow! Unless you are using the exact same speakers, set-up in exaction the same positions, and in exactly the same room.... they are useless. In other words, It is beyond you, and to have to have special software to set those.

    Try comparing the K12's by themselves - 55hz BW18

  • Thank you dra, I will tried it tonight , my custom I used is 2x5 and k12 I used for high out put. Happy holiday to all.
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