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DR260 tunings/settings with Yamaha DXR12, DXS12

dravendraven Posts: 4
Looking for basic configuration settings, and tuning specs for using a Driverack260 with DXR12 tops over DXS12 subs.
Anyone run this setup? Do you have the beta on your custom configuration/tunings?

thanks, d.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Tops 110hz LR24
    Sub 55hz BW24 - 110hz LR24

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    Thanks for the info.

    Now....this is obviously intended for a setup wherein I use the DR crossover and send separate outs to my subs and tops. And that's cool (and one way I might ultimately go with).

    But quite frankly, the main reason for me using the Driverack is for the room tuning/RTA and the AFS. Currently (without using a Driverack), I send just a full range mains-out to my stacks, and use the HPF/LPF on the subs and tops to handle "crossover" duties. Of course, the DXRs/DXSs also have built-in DSP, which I use (if no Driverack).

    So, I guess my real question(s) are: How would I go about configuring my DR260 if I only really want to use the RTA to "pink" the room, and for the AFS, (and possibly some alignment delay, but that's another issue)? In this instance, does the speaker tuning even matter, and if not, how do I configure for "no specific amp/speaker"?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If you do the "package set-up", you just need to configure the Driverack as a custom - passive, with no subs, and custom amps. This config does not allow you to do any time alignments, because you are only using a single pair of outputs. You can delay, but you will be delaying everything. Alignment only is used when each driver component is being driven by a separate output and amp.

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    Again, thanks for the info.

    I do realize that I won't be able to align my tops with my subs with this config.
    The alignment I MIGHT do in the future is either A) aligning the whole system with the snare drum, or B) adding in some other, time-aligned, speakers such as up in the balcony or whatnot. But again, these situations were "another issue" as stated earlier and I may not even go there.

    Basically here's my situation: I used to do a decent bit of live-sound "back in the day" in small clubs and venues, but I've been away from it for a long time. Back then I ran a MixWiz, Yamaha Club passive stacks, etc. - a pretty common rig. And I did use a DriveRack at the time. Cut to now, and I occasionally run a more modern rig consisting of a Studiolive 1602, and Yamaha DXR12s over DXS12s, no Driverack. But recently a DR260 came my way, and I figured that having the RTA/pinking and AFS would be good things, though not strictly necessary. I'm basically not even sure I want to use it, but if I do, was looking for setup beta and/or a bit of advice.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    That info helps me understand your problem.
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    > @Dra said:
    > Tops 110hz LR24
    > Sub 55hz BW24 - 110hz LR24
    > DRA

    Hi, would you recommend these settings for DXR-10 too in combination with DXS-12?

    Thanks, Joe
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