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Question about crossover point

doorslammerdoorslammer Posts: 4
edited December 2016 in PA General Discussion
My system consists of;

4 JBL MRX515 tops
4 JBL MRX518S subs
DBX DriveRack PA
Crown XLS 2500 tops
Crown XTi 4000 subs

In small clubs I only use 2 tops and 2 subs with crossover set at 100Hz.
Last weekend we played a smaller club and they don't like it too loud, so I used 2 subs
and 2 JBL JRX 100 for tops (if I use the JRX100 tops I don't have to pull my trailer, I can haul everything in my pickup which has a camper shell on the bed). I figured I would have to jack up my crossover point using 12" speakers on top. Starting at 105Hz, I had to raise the crossover point to 132Hz to make the 12's stop rattling. Then I was worried so I set it to 140Hz.

I have never run a crossover this high. I don't remember running a PA with 12" tops. Does this sound odd or is that normal when using 12" tops?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If the speakers are rattling at anything below 132, you have a problem. I run my 12's at 100hz. Never more than 120, I would say on 12's.

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    Those JBL JRX100 with the 12" speakers are getting old. The speakers may be weak and in need of a recone. I have 4 of those tops so I may try the other 2 just to see if they are all doing the same thing. We used to use them for monitors but now we have IEM's.
    Thanks for the reply.
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