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Mix and Match Passive and Powered

dochesterdochester Posts: 3
edited January 2017 in PA General Discussion
First, thanks for allowing me in the forum, fantastic info shared here. To my project..
I've used the PA2 with success running all passive cabs, now I'm trying a combination.
Yamaha DSR118 subs (pair) and 2- SP4's (full range), each driven with a Crown XLS 1502, bridge to 1510 @4 ohm.
The SP4 tunings were listed, but not the Yammies, so it gave me generic LP/HP points and filters. Just not getting all the clean punch I feel the system should.
Can you suggest any different filters that might clean up the bottom and low mids considering the SP4's have the "quazie" crossover, that dumps more lows to one of the 15's? Or, should I perhaps just cut them off at 100hz and let the subs handle all the bottom?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    No. The SP4 x-over cuts the mids going to the bottom 15. Both 15's go low.
    I would cross the 15's to subs at 100hz w/ LR24 on both sides. Maybe as low as 90hz. The more you keep out of the 15's, the clean they will be for vocals.

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    Thanks DRA. The LR 24 made a big difference, so did clarifying my understanding of the sp x-over. Much tighter punch now and vocals are cleaner.
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