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JBL MRX515 + two SUBs with BMS 18S430 speaker

Valio_sfValio_sf Posts: 5
edited February 2017 in PA Configuration Wizard

I now have two of the JBL MRX515 speakers which have preset for them in the dbx DriveRack PA+.

But am wondering what should be my settings for two subs that are used as single trough the dbx but are run trough two amps and are BVR type of subs with BMS 18S430 each.

They are running well with my old settings from old sub but was wondering if better could be achieved with settings.

Also my DriveRack PA+ is still running firmware 1.010, will I benefit if I upgrade to the newer?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks a ton in advance.



EDIT: What I can add is that these BMS speakers were specially ordered and are 4 Ohm not 8 Ohm.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I can't say whether you need to upgrade or not. It won't hurt anything.

    To use the 2 subs as a mono sub, just configure your system to be just that. When prompted, select that you are using subs, as mono, and choose the sub as custom or not listed. I don't know which is appropriate for the PA+.
    I would set the tops to cross at 100hz LR24.
    Subs - I don't know the capabilities of the box, but if you have a way to measure the response, set a high pass filter at the point the sub drops -3db to -6db on the low end with a BW18. The low pass filter typically will match the high pass of the top speakers (100hz LR24).
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