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ZOnePro 641m & 1261m DSP optimal Settings for Vocal Only


dear Community, i installed a 641m and a 1261m and everything works fine, but i want to setup the optimal settings for vocal only...

the most important thing is, that the voice should have a great quality and there should be no feedback.
Can anyone help me out, which filters i should have in DSP?
The setup i got now is ok... but i know it can be better... the feedback suspression doesn't work that fine so i need a limiter, right?

thanks in advance...

Double O


  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    First, set a high pass filter of about 100hz.
    For vocal only, you can add a high shelf and cut out unused high frequencies. 17khz is probably a good start. Go lower, but listen for the loss of "ssss", "ch" and the sound you make when you "tisk-tisk" something or call a squirrel (I don't know how better to describe it).
    The feedback suppression will work best if the signal within the ZonePro is hot and the amp gain is low. It helps the unit to "see" feedback better.
    Then EQ to the room.

  • DoubleODoubleO Posts: 3
    Hey thank you very much. For. That I read your comment earlier, but Could. Not. Reply.
    Are there any other dsp input and output filter which should be on?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Compressor ( with no , or little, make-up gain)


    The others are more niche modules, but have their place. Possibly for you.

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