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Driverack PA - 2 Subs - 10 Speakers - Split options

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Hi to all,

At the bar i work at, dj's and live band shows are the norm, at least 3 times a week. The place is split in a main rectangle, measuring around 15x4 meters, and 2 smaller rectangles at the sides. those spaces are split by a few, "thicky", columns. At the time, they utilize 5 sets of full range speakers and 1 set of subwoofers. 2+2 sets are parallelled on 2 amps, the other set has its own amp and the subs have their own amp, also. All these are connected to a Driverack PA, that is currently locked by the guy that installed it. I have not yet unlocked it to check what he's done and, to be honest, i would love to hard reset it and start over. The current setup is probably 3 x fullrange outputs, because the low output feeds the subs AND 4 speakers at the center of the bar.

So, i want to be able to setup a crossover somehow and measure the place/equalize. I was thinking of using this one https://www.thomann.de/gr/behringer_zmx2600.htm and feed it through the LOW and HIGH outputs of the dbx, with the crossover in place. I was thinking of that splitter (i wouldn't mind for a similar dbx product recommendation :D ) so i can feed the subs with pure bass signal and the FR Speakers with the HP filtered signal AND, IF NEEDED, send a bit of the bass on the side speakers, whose placement might make their space a bit thin on bass...

Is there a way to achieve this, while the only money spent are gonna be the 100 for the splitter ?
Is there a better(sure there is :lol: ), not really expensive, way to achieve this?

Thnx in advance,


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You want to have three zones, is that correct?
    1 zone (main zone) with subs and tops, crossed-over as the main system?
    2 zones (side zones) with FR speakers, with their own HPF?

    Do you have a DRPA and 2 subs, or a DRPA2 and subs? I'll assume the DRPA2, since the DRPA does not have lockouts.

    You need to set up a 2x6 (3-way) (Bi-amped mains + subs).
    You can organize any way you wish, but I will put the side zones oh the high outputs and the Main zone on the mid and low outputs (so the subs are on the low output).
    Simply adjust the high outputs' filter to suit you needs. Whether it matches the x-over point of the mains, or lowered to your desired sound, your call. The side zones are linked, but you can control their volume either by the gain in the filter section together or by their amps individually.

    If this works for you, you don't need the B'ger controller.

    Does that help?

  • Thnx for your answer DRA,

    This is a really nice idea, but i was thinking of that and here are my thoughts : I would really love to have separate zone levels, easily adjustable "live", cause neither the speakers and the amps nor the side spaces are the same. Left space 2x2 speakers parallel (imagine 2 smalll subspaces with couches, that i want to split at some point..), right space 2 speakers, main space 2x2 speakers parallel. The subs are placed on the borders of the rectangular spaces, so bass is spread around. Also, i am planning of changing amps and i would like to split the currently-paralleled speakers, so i can have a better handle of the zones, when, sometimes, a few spots are completely empty.

    Thnx, again, for your time,


    p.s. Its the DRPA, not PA2
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Thnx for your answer DRA,

    p.s. Its the DRPA, not PA2

    Doesn't change anything, but is can't be locked.
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