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Driverack muted unexpectedly...

sbcmediasbcmedia Posts: 2
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Okay... I'm a newbie volunteer sound guy for our church. We recently installed, with professional assistance, a Behringer X32 console with digital snake and a dbx PA2 Drive Rack.

Last Sunday morning gave us a bit of a panic. During the service we lost all of our wireless mics (directly connected to board), we reloaded the "scene" on the board and the mics returned but we had lost all speakers and subs going thru the driverack.

A postmortem after the service revealed all the all the channels on the driverack were muted. The driverack is remotely located behind the stage so there was not opportunity for us to inadvertently mute the channels.

We're assuming we had some type of power anomaly the caused the driverack to reset and come back muted.

Is this common? We have since acquired backup power units to help prevent this in the future (if this indeed was the issue).

Our system is on a sequenced power up/down system and the sequence appears to be correct per DBX manual.

Any thoughts>


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    Have in your mind that whenever: a) There is a firmware update or b) There is a change at "saved setting" or c) There is a power loss, then driverack starts from "Mute Mode". I m not sure, but (if I remember well) you can change that "situation" from Driverack settings. See manual's instructions...

    As about using UPS on Driverack, yes you can do it, if you thing that is so important...
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    See pages 46 & 47 of the manual for details.
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