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Itech 6000 on wiz not working

James85James85 Posts: 63
edited April 2017 in DriveRack PA2
My set-up. Stereo PA
One iTech 6K per set of JBL STX 828 subs.
One xti 6002 per set SRX 715 tops

This config x 2 in the rack. I can use one or both sets depending on need.

I ran the wiz using the SRX speaker presets and crown xti presets when I was using all xti amps. Sounded very nice. (No auto EQ or auto feedback)
Swapped in iTechs for subs and ran the set-up wiz and the system was muddy with very low output.
Loaded in the xti preset and the system came alive, sounded great.
I've been using the xti preset with success. I have tried several times to set up the PA2 using the iTech amp presets but it is always low output and muddy.
The ITs have the latest firmware and were wiped clean of all user presets.

The wiz has me turn the itech attenuators all the way up to "0"...which I thought was odd but maybe not for an iTech?
I left the iTechs turned up and loaded the xti preset and it they sound balanced to the tops...not over-driven.

Not sure where to start or exactly what is set-up wrong. I am thinking of going with the amps DSP and forgetting the PA2. I took a look at the available options through the Crown software (iTech) but I am not sure how to properly use the advanced setting the iTechs have.

I know a local pro installer who would set it up for me if it came to that.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I plugged your 2 configs into the Venue360 ap.
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    James85James85 Posts: 63
    Great-just what I need!
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    My personal opinion (and only):

    By using HiQnet Band Manager (XTI software) or (even better) HiQnet Audio Architect (all Crown software) you have a much better “picture� - “control� of amplifiers!

    Especially in case that you are not able to see the front panel of rack during any event, you are not able to see how amps react…
    For example, if AC current is not enough, amps will clipping earlier, without you be able to see it through PA2 App / Software (but able to see it through HiQnet)…

    In this case, I would definitely prefer to use HiQnet Audio Architect for all setups at all amps, except cases of: a) Compression (if required), b) Auto EQ, c) Auto FB (if required)…
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    James85James85 Posts: 63
    Dra wrote:
    I plugged your 2 configs into the Venue360 ap.

    Ha! I went into the DR PA2 and checked the settings compared to your V360 set-up. Waaaaay different. X-over way diff, BW not LR. On and on. I actually loaded the PA 2 settings several times to see if it would change. Nope. I manually put in the V360 settings and wow...the subs came a alive. The mud disappeared the iTechs showed a good signal.

    I did not have time to go directly into the amps and set them up for sub/top duty. I knew the same rig, preset with xti amps sounded pretty good and suspected the switch to iTech amps preset was what screwed up the rig, not settings on the iTechs. This proved to be true by correcting the errors in the PA2 preset.

    Thanks for the help!

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Good to hear. It is disappointing that all an Harmon gear set-up was not more thoughtfully set up in the PA2. Non-Harmon gear I could understand being very generic.
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