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How to set 260 when more then 9 band peq is needed?

Hi from newbie :D

Wonder if I could make configuration on my driverack 260 for Seeburg Acoustic line K24xov louspeaker tops...

I found prefered settings on their official web page, as follows:

#K24xov Flat
gain +0dB
phase nor
power 4R 900W 2400W 32dB
rmstime 500ms
peaktime 50ms

hpf BW12 100Hz
peq 90Hz Q1.5 -6dB
peq 315Hz Q3 -4dB
peq 380Hz Q3 -8dB
peq 750Hz Q3 -6dB
peq 1000Hz Q4 -3dB
peq 1600Hz Q2.5 -2dB
peq 2500Hz Q6 +6dB
peq 3400Hz Q6 -1dB
peq 10000Hz Q5 -4dB
peq 16000Hz Q4 +6dB
hshelf 12 4000Hz +1dB

As you can see, there are 10 peq points, hpf and hshelf.
Driverack 260 is 9 band PEQ pre-crossover.

What do you suggest?

Thanx in advance :)


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    9 of the 10 PEQ filters can be set in the pre-x-over PEQ section.
    The 10th can be set in the post-x-over PEQ section. You have 4 filters there.
    The high and low shelves can be set in the post-x-over PEQ section or with the x-over filters.

    You didn't mention if you re using subs, but it appears that you are with the 100hz hpf. That may change my recommendation.

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    Thnx Dra...

    I am using subs too:

    gain +6db
    phase nor
    power 4R 1600W 4800W 32dB
    rmstime 1000ms
    peaktime 100ms
    hpf BW12 45Hz
    lpf LR24 100Hz / 120Hz /140Hz
    peq 45Hz Q2 +3dB
    peq 80Hz Q2 +1dB
    peq 200Hz Q0.7 -5.5dB
    peq 270Hz Q5 -3dB
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    First off, I was surprised how much the 200 & 270 filters affected the response below the 100hz x-over point. For that reason, all filters that are anywhere close to the x-over points MUST be applied to the post-x-over PEQs. You don't want the filters designed to fix the tops to affect the subs and visa-versa. The others that are farther away will be applied to the pre-x-over PEQs.

    1: Set up the x-overs.
    Sub: 45hz BW12 - 100hz LR24
    Tops: 100hz BW12 - 18khz BW12 or similar to suit.

    2: Post-x-over PEQ (low)
    Select "Bell" and set the 4 PEQs for the sub. (45 - 270)

    3: Post-x-over PEQ (high)
    Select "High shelf" and set the 3 lowest settings to bell filters 1, 2, & 3. (90, 315, 380). Filter 4 is the shelf. Set the 4K shelf here. I interpreted the 12 as the slope.

    4: Pre-x-over PEQ
    Set filters 1-7 for the 750 - 16K settings.

    That leaves 2 filters for you to season the sound to your own tastes.

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