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DriveRack PA and RCF Evox 8

twinspindjtwinspindj Posts: 73
edited May 2017 in PA General Discussion
I've been running my DRPA without all the bells and whistles. In fact, I have been using only the DJ Setup with Mono Sub and Feedback control without any EQ settings. The subwoofer and speakers for which I used the DRPA have been sold and replaced with the RCF Evox 8 system.

It would appear to me that I am dragging around a heavy piece of equipment (DRPA) in my road case that is not doing me any good. Given the foregoing description of how it has been used in the past, am I really getting any benefit lugging it around? I only use the DJ setup (Left and Right) (no subwoofer).

The Pioneer DJM 5000 mixer has the enhancement for Low and High, so don't even use that feature on the DRPA.

Should I sell it or keep using it the way I have explained?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The Evox has protection (RMS & thermal) and soft limiting. I wonder if the soft limiting means it has peak. The DRPA offers peak limiting if the Evox does not. The DRPA's limiter could still be used as a fail safe. Set to only activate in the direst of situations.
    The DRPA offers AFS for feedback, GEQ for room correction, and the output PEQ for speaker response correction, if needed.
    The DRPA also has the x-over filters if you want extra protection for the sub by limiting low content higher than the 40hz. You would gain clarity, headroom, and possibly gain a little output by raising the HPF... to say... 45 or 50hz. After all it is a 12" and probably works really hard to do what little it does at 40hz.

    In the end, it really depends on the value of the things I listed, for you and your needs.

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    twinspindjtwinspindj Posts: 73
    Thanks, DRA. Will reconsider my options.
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