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iTech6000 Setup with DRPA2

rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in PA General Discussion
Just got an Itech6K. What is best way to run 4 JBL718 subs on this amp? Should I use DSP on iTech to set x-over at 80Hz via Speaker Processing using software or should I turn off DSP and set up through DRPA2? I'm running Subs Aux Fed. I heard someone running 4 EAW cabs with 2 15"'s each off an iTech6K and sounded monstrous.Thinking of going to a Venue 260 which I hear would be a step above a PA+ for processing. Please advise.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I assume that you meant the Venu360 is a step above the DRPA2 (not +).
    If you meant the DR260, then yes, it is definitely many steps above the +.
    While the PA2 is a much newer generation and may have a lot of processing power, it does not have the routing capabilities of the 260.

    In order:
    1) Venu360 - 3 inputs 100% independent routing to any of 6 outputs. Plus more PEQ's and enhanced processing.
    2) DR260 - 2 inputs 100% independent routing to any of 6 outputs.
    3) DRPA2 - 2 inputs, mostly linked, and limited routing. Latest generation of the PA series with enhanced processing.
    4) DRPA, DRPA+ - 2 inputs, mostly linked and limited routing.

    For a band... running stereo FOH and one monitor mix - Venu360. or mono FOH and 2 monitor mixes - Venu360.
    Running mono FOH and one monitor mix - DR260 will do (but the Venu360 still offers more processing and would be my choice)

    Any version of the PA (original, +, or 2) is suited for a band without monitors (though it can be used in a limited role if using work-around configurations), or for DJ work.

    The use of the DSP in the amp is probably preferable, since you can use RMS and peak limiting together.

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