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Mono system

edited May 2017 in PA Connectivity
I have a presonus 24.2.4 running into a pa2 and to a center cluster composed of three community speakers with a dual 15" sub. I've tried a number of setups but we are settling on running mono, but I'm running into a little trouble with the setup wizard. It wants to check right vs left levels and I'm not sure what to there. I go through and tell it I'm using a mono setup but it still does the r vs l check. Help?



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Try preset #6 or #12.
    Post back if that doesn't work.

  • ATCnGAATCnGA Posts: 9
    So both of those send two outputs. I need three. If I could find a preset that would send four equal out puts that would work. It's just the right vs. left on the autoEQ that is the issue. I guess I could just pull the speaker cable of the center speaker for that portion? Ideally I would have three equal (full range) outputs, but four I could make work.

  • ATCnGAATCnGA Posts: 9
    I think I may have figured out my solution in part. I set my amps to run parallele. Right side inputs to one amp. Left Out to house left in channel one and house center in channel two. Right outputs to other amp and house right speaker. Then when it does the right vs left I can just pull the center speaker cable, do the test and plug it back in for the rest of the tests. Does that sound right? (Pun not intended but works)

    Phew, install is not my wheel house.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You said mono. 3 tops and 1 sub. That is 2 outputs. Left high, left low.

    You want 3 outputs? Why? Separate control of one or more highs?

  • ATCnGAATCnGA Posts: 9
    With two outputs the left high runs all three speakers through one channel of the amp? If you set it up this way would the left vs right test still give me fits?

    When I first set it up I went through the wizard setting it up with custom speakers in a mono setup. Then when getting to the right vs. left test it caused some major head scratching. If using the preset overrides the left vs right in the wizard that would have alleviated a few headaches for me.

    The way it is set up now it's running each speaker through its own channel of an amp. One speaker is brand new and a little hotter than the other two. Might be able to edge that one down a hair if needed.

    I did a quick listen, set up this way and it seemed good through the house. Live band may be different of course.

    This set up was using preset number 6 btw.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Let me off a possible solution.
    Since you are running mono, send a dual mono signal from the left & right output buses. To do this simply pan all channels to center.
    Set up the PA2 as stereo with mono sub. Be sure to configure the GEQ to be unlinked. You may have to do this outside the wizard.

    The connections will be this:
    Left high - Amp channel 1 - Center speaker
    Right high - Amp channel 2 - R & L speakers
    Left low - Amp channel 3 (bridged ?) - sub
    (or A1 - Cent , A2 - sub, A3 - R, A4 - L)

    This allows the center speaker, which probably covering the most area and projecting the farthest to the rear, to run at a different level than the L & R speakers. This can be controlled by L & R main faders on the mixer, and since the sub is controlled by both the sub can be increased by either or both. If you need the sub NOT to be increased, you can use the output levels of the L & R highs in the PA2. Or also by the amps if you want to set and forget.

    That also allows different EQ settings for the center or L & R zones.

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