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Connecting AFS2

MaartenProvoMaartenProvo Posts: 2
edited May 2017 in Connectivity

I have a Dj-setup with:
  • Pioneer DJM-5000
  • BLX288 with 2x SM58 microphones
  • 2x QSC K12

I want to add a DBX AFS2 to eliminate feedback on the two SM58's. According to the schedule in the manual I have to connect it to the send/return on my mixer. Perhaps a stupid question but can't I just connect the microphones to the AFS2 input directly and connect the AFS2 output to the Mixer's microphones input?



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If the BLX is working fine with the mixer then putting the AFS in the circuit should also work.
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