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dbx160a, focusrite 2i4, protools connectivty query

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I am a newbie to home recording, steadily growing my knowledge base and setup...

I am interested in the DBX160A compressor but have a technical / conncetivity query which I hope you can answer to help me decide whether to buy or not...

I currently have a Focusrite 2i4 and I use Protools 12.n (PT). I want to compress instruments / vocals before I go into PT

Apparently I cant compress during recording i.e. mic->2i4->DBX160A->2i4->Protools because the DBX160A doesn't have a pre-amp/phantom power. So if I wanted to use the DBX160A I would need to record dry using the 2i4 (phantom with power/pre-amps) into protools then send the recording back out via another protools track into the 2i4 then out into the DBX160A (via RCA to unbalanced jack cable) then back from the DBX160A into the 2i4 (either through unbalanced Jack or balanced XLR) and back into protools.

Alternatively, I could get a DI box that has pre-amp/phantom power and use that with the DBX160A and I would go mic->DI->DBX160A->2I4->Protools

Is that right?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You're not likely to get an answer to that question here. Try the PSW forums or maybe Harmony Central.

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    SpiderSpider Posts: 4
    Ok ta, i shall trundle off ...
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