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What happens when a non-techie just wings it

Country VoxmanCountry Voxman Posts: 2
edited September 2017 in Configuration Wizard
I do a limited amount of freelance voice work but plan to increase my output (and income) over the next year or so. I'm using a Mackie 1202-VLZ pro mixer with an Electro-Voice RE20 mic, the dbx 286a and an older version of Adobe Audition (1.5) on an older (Windows XP) computer that is not now nor will ever be connected to the internet.

I've "gotten by" by plugging the mic directly into the 286a XLR jack, sending the processor output to the channel 1 "line in" jack on the mixer and feeding the RCA-type "Main Out" (stereo) signal to the computer sound card.

Sound good? Well, it's worked OK so far, but I've moved and need to re-assemble everything. A closer read of the mixer manual indicates I should maybe plug the mic into the channel 1 XLR jack and use one of the channel inserts to feed the 286a then send the output of the mixer to the computer via the ALT 3/4 RCA-type jacks.

Confused yet? I know I am.

Any recommendations (in as close to layman's terms as possible) on how to best configure this stuff would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to entertain the idea of upgrading the entire setup (mixer, processor, computer) if that's what it takes but if I can get studio-quality results with what I have, that would be the preferred option.



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