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Mono with 2 subs ?

swetarkusswetarkus Posts: 27
edited September 2017 in DriveRack PA2
Maybe too easy and I'm just missing the obvious,
getting L/R in from the mixer with the PA2,

So, using right now a 3-way set-up,
using L/R for all of them....question is, to position and also configure the sub's
for mono, do i simply choose mono in the wizard and then it's mono out from both low outputs
on the PA2 ?

What I'm trying to achieve is the most efficient and even bass of course.
Getting L/R from the mixer into the PA2,
Have 2 stereo amps running bass/top,

I do have 2 subs, so question is;
Running them dual mono = better ?
I still see a point in the DBX doing the test/analyzer per sub,
I can set the Behringer amp to dual-mono, but that then means that the signal out
from the is still DBX/Low with be via 1 XLR only and as such, not possible for the DBX to measure
each sub by itself right ?



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I cannot confirm on the PA2, but when assigning the subs to mono on the original PA. The Left low is labeled as Mono on the output (plug), but the same mono signal is sent to the right output as well. You can easily check that on the PA2. Just connect to the right low output and see. I bet it does on the PA2 as well.

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    mikymwmikymw Posts: 1
    Am wondering whether the subout/lo allows stereo. Inbmy case when i connect both Lo R and Lo L the subs cancel each other. Whats causing this drop in sound level. Each ifbthr Los works just finebby itsel
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