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dbx 131s and my system

jsbaiojsbaio Posts: 4
i have a new 4 stack 5 way hifi disco system that uses the crown itech hd 12000 amps, jbl neo components custom built by a large well known manufacturer and all source material is original disco vinyl. amps do all xover and speaker correction peq. mixer is a urei 1620 rebuilt and nothing between mixer and amps. now i would like to add a eq per rack each rack being mono how would the dbx 131s fit in does it add any artifacts and would it affect sound with distortion.
the specs seem to be misleading as the distiortion figure is at what freq at what drive level. do you dbx have a better eq mono with smps power supply or even better a parametric eq. i dont want another processor to ad in a/d-d/a to add to latency i already have processors in amps HELP


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You should post to PSW (Prosound Web) forums. You might get better responses for a good EQ to meet your needs. You should include your budget.
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