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stereo subs only detecting one side

scorp50scorp50 Posts: 15
edited November 2017 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi and thanks in advance.

I have a DRPA2 driving 2 x Yamaha P7000s' into 4 x Yamaha c115v's and 4 x CW118v's in stereo tops and subs.

All was well then the wizard stopped detecting the 'chirp' in the right sub in stereo sub mode. I swapped out cables and amps but still no test sig being sent to right subs. I then reconfigured for mono subs and switched from stereo to parallel input on the sub amp. All worked fine!

Is this a time for repair of the DRPA2 or is there something else I'm missing here to get my stereo subs working.




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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I'll assume that the "chirp" used to function properly in the right sub?

    Anyway, I would call tech support. They don't monitor this forum (usually).

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    thanks for replying.
    yes. the chirp was working in both subs originally.
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