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Driverack 260 broken

gartersgarters Posts: 3
Hi. We have 2 x 260’s (because we need more X-overs than a 260 has in stereo, we use one 260 on left cluster of speakers in mono and one 260 on right cluster in mono) Now one of the driveracks is broken and has gone back to the dealer for replacement or repair.
In the meantime, we have borrowed a VENU360 and are trying to use that for the right cluster of speakers but there is a mis-match and we can’t seem to get a satisfactory balance.
Should we try using the 260 only for the subs (Taking a seperate feed from the desk) and use the other venue 360 in stereo for lows, mids and highs rather than try to use two seperate (different) units for the whole of the lefts and the whole of the rights as we have done in the past?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Can't get balanced in what way? 260 verses 360 l/r levels? You should be able to use the input mixer levels in either unit to balance left (260) vs right (360). If the hi / mid / low etc are not balanced, a little now complex but doable, use the x-over gains.
  • Yes, as per the second part of your answer; there seems to be a discrepancy in the levels (between right and left) of output to the mid-range of one of the speakers.
    I understand from what you are saying that there is no reason why we couldn’t continue indefinitely with different models of dbx on the left and right if for some reason the second Driverack dbx260 cant be fixed

    If this is so, then do we
    a) set up the automatic equalisation function using the mic, one side at a time (independently for each unit) or
    B) Set up the automatic eq on the newer dbx and copy the resultant eq to the older dbx manually?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    My suggestion might not work if you have a Driverack and amps at stage left and a Driverack and amps at stage right. But if they are together .....
    (another sub-if: which unit as #1 depends on if you get repaired or replace the 260 with a 260, or upgrade to a 360. You have the most important data already in the 260, so less set-up work. I'll assume you will return to 2 DR260's for my example.)

    The 260 has all needed data for H/M/L/Sub.
    Write down the settings for H/M/L/Sub. X-over, PEQ, limiters, everything.
    Set up a 2x6 (stereo 3-way).
    L/R from the mixer into the 260 L/R.
    Copy the settings for H & M in to the 260 H & M, including the HPF of the mid.
    Set the LPF of the Low to the original setting you used in the Low band. Nothing else in the 260 low output except maybe a 20hz HPF.
    Connect the 260's low outs to the inputs of the 360.
    Set up the 360 as a 2 x 4 (stereo 2-way).
    Copy the settings for your original Low and Sub into the 360's 2 bands. Note that the LPF of the Lows is already set in the 260 and should NOT be duplicated.

    If you intend to replace the broken 260 with a 360, I would flip their roles.

    To your question about auto EQ. The 360 uses a PEQ which will force you to use the PEQ instead of the graphic in the 260. Also the 360 utilizes 14 filters, while the 260 only has 9. This could present a problem trying to match results.

    Again, I don't know your physical set-up, but a single 260 or 360 might work for you, if your Driveracks are currently together. If interested, let me know and I'll explain.

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