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Dbx 1046 started blowing fuses every time it powers on

Nick1027357Nick1027357 Posts: 2
Hey there everyone. I have a dbx 1046 quad comp/limiter that I used for sometime with no issues..sorta, the LEDs would light up with no sound but it never seemed to effect its function so I didn't mind. In any case, it blew a fuse a while back when I powered it up,I replaced it and it worked fine for several weeks then all the sudden it blew a fuse again and now It blows a fuse every time I turn it on, basically making it a paperweight. It was purchased secondhand and has no warranty. It'll cost $160 just to Have dbx look at it plus parts and labor. I'm not a professional but I'm no stranger to a soldering iron and component replacement. Any one have any input on what it may be or experience with this issue and repair? I'd like to get this unit back online and as cheap as possible i.e. Myself. Any input or help would be very appreciated. Thanks -Nick


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    $160 + parts and labor?
    Doesn't sound right.

    Is that what tech support said on the phone? I had a Driverack repaired by DBX for LESS than the amount they quoted. The quoted amount was, if I remember right, less than $125. Seems like the actual bill was maybe $80.

    Open up the unit and look over the circuit board for dark places of odd-looking components (swollen, leaking, flashed or smoky areas). If it looks dusty, clean it with canned air, then give it another try.

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