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DriveRack PA2 and SRX828SP setup questions

Jamman1965Jamman1965 Posts: 3
edited December 2017 in DriveRack PA2
Greetings all!

Has anyone had any experience setting up a DriveRack PA2 with the JBL SRX 828SP powered subs?

I own the 828SP subs and there are no speaker tunings for this model. Does anyone know the proper "setup" needed for using these subs with the PA2?

I read one post for the SRX 828 SP but using a different DriveRack model. Does this configuration work with the PA2?

"The EQ processing is already taken care of inside the speakers. You just need to set up a x-over point. 100hz LR24 should work just fine."

I would appreciate any advice you can give me setting up the PA2 with the SRX 828SP subs. I am a newbie and would appreciate any help.

Thanks for your time!



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