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Sub Sonic Synth???

FamAliFamAli Posts: 2
edited January 2018 in DriveRack PA2
Why do I hear the bass in my main tops jbl srx815p get deeper and louder when adjusting the subsonic frequencies and gain for the subwoofer? I'm currently running a stereo two-way setup and have my crossover set to cut off at 100 Hz on my main Tops and also have it cutting off at 100 HZ in the pa2..... When messing with the frequency and gain control on the pa2 subsonic I can hear my tops getting a little bit of bass also.... I didn't have any subs connected at the given time, I was just playing with that feature and wondering why bass comes in the high outputs when it's made for the low outputs??


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You didn't mention the filter / slope of your x-over, but it probably has to do with that, and that the synth is working with octaves. For example, it takes a 100hz note and adds a 50hz note, a 110hz note and adds a 55hz note, etc.
    It is likely normal for you to experience what you are. Raising the x-over point and using LR24 or higher, will reduce the amount of bleed-over.

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