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Driverack PA 2 with Bose F1

Emanuel1985Emanuel1985 Posts: 12
edited February 2018 in DriveRack PA2
What would be a good configuration for Bose F1 tops and subs with Driverack pa 2. I have 2 f1 tops and 2 f1 subs in stereo. Should I put a HPF on subs? Thanks. System is used for live sound mostly.


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    All speakers are powered and (in this case) you have 2 choices:

    1. To use them (monitor + sub) as one speaker (per channel). In this case:
    1.1. Use the “onboard� crossover of subs (100 Hz 4th order Butterworth HPF, at Line Out)
    1.2. Set the PA2 at Stereo Full Range.
    1.3. You are able to use any parameters, except: Alignment Pre-Delay, Crossover, Alignment Delay.

    2. To use them separate. In this case:
    2.1. Not use the “onboard� crossover of subs.
    2.2. Set the PA2 at Stereo 2-Way with Stereo Subs.
    2.3. You are able to use any parameters and (of course) crossover, where settings could be different from what the manufacturer suggest, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Thus, choose equal settings...

    In conclusion (and by my opinion) if you won’t need Alignment Pre-Delay and Alignment Delay, proceed with 1st choice…
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    Thanks. Looks like I will go for option 1. Don’t really think I need the alignment stuff. Tops are on top of subs. They are not separated. Planning to setup pa 2 on Monday.
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    Thanks for tips it’s sounding good. Just can’t get subharmonic synth to work without there being some weird artifacts in the top speakers. Makes vocals sound kind of robotic. Was trying to use it to add some oomph to low end.

    My settings on Bose F1 are set to what Bose suggests. Subs set to thru and tops set to with sub with everything set to line level.

    How can I get subharmonic synth to work?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Just use the output PEQ, if a filter is still available.
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