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RTA mic clipping (also at level assist) while there is no sound.

Does anyone have this problem too? And know how to solve this? RTA mic is clipping during level assist (without background noise). Also during live use, he shows in the pa2 that he catches sound that is not there.

Thanks in advance for your responses.



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    It happened to me tonight. While running level assist it kept raising the signal to full output and errored out with ‘RTA Mic clipping I tried getting closer, turning the amp down , turning the amp up, moving all over, angling the speakers. I finally gave up but an attempt at autoEQ recorded a usable room response. And it has a desired response curve also And the result of parametric curve also So I went into the input parametric section and hit the flat button and then selected each band and manually eq’d the room. It only took seven bands I didn’t get perfect results but it was pretty damn good. It was fairly involved but it went surprisingly fast.
    If you try this method don’t try at a gig. Do it at home so you can experiment for a little while with all three parameters and get used to the interaction of the bands. They interact a lot but it’s totally manageable an hour or two should have you comfortable to do it in five minutes at a gig.

    Does anybody have the real solution that allows the Auto-Eq Wizard to run


    Keith McAdams
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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,379

    You can turn the Level Assist Auto Trim on/off in the Wizard Options (Press Wizard once and go to Wizard Options) also setting the Mic Response from dbx RTA-M to Flat can help resolve as well

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