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Hello! Very happy with my new DRPA2!

ljpatziusljpatzius Posts: 1

I just want to say hello everyone out there! I just purchased my new DRPA2 and already have it installed and it's working perfectly. The PA2 WIFI app works flawlwssly too. (Although I have a few suggestions, such as a screen zoom option, or direct numerical data entry as an additional option to the existing slider controls, but Wow! Very nice to have WIFI control!).

Anyway, I used to own the earlier model of the DRPA years ago, so jumping into the menu items came right back to me in a breeze. I also found that the online manual covers more topics and clarifies what we used to discuss on the old dbx forum.

Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hello!" again, and that I am happy to own another dbx product!


Lee Patzius
St. Louis MO


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