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PA2- how to stop auto EQ from changing the crossover settings

A friend let me borrow a PA2 to help me decide whether I want to buy one. I have it feeding six channels, driving a pair of subs (LF), a pair of midbass woofers (MF,) and a pair of electrostatic panels (HF). The speakers are homebuilt and designated as "unknown" in the PA2's dropdown menu.

Before running auto EQ, I had the subs crossing in at 60 Hz and the midbass woofers crossing over to the electrostat panels at 250Hz, using the LR 24db/octave filters. I was anticipating that the PA2 would leave the crossover frequencies I had set them, and merely apply some parametric EQ's to bring the response to flat. However, after I ran the AUTO EQ procedure, I found that the PA2 had changed the crossover frequencies and slopes; resulting in the ESL panel now crossing in at a ridiculously high 6.7kHz, which is completely useless for my application.

Can anyone tell me how to make the PA2 not change the crossover points when performing the auto EQ'ing?


  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,249

    Auto EQ does not and will not change the crossover settings, but make sure that you any adjustments you do to crossover get stored first before running the Auto EQ Wizard

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