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My DBX 286S gives me clicks when I talk

I've been messing with my recording gadgets for months but to no avail. There is always persistent 'simultaneous noise' that come with my speaking. It cannot be removed software-wise, as I cannot get a sample of it--when I don't talk, there is no noise, or like dead silence.

First off, my hardware configurationd the chain:

Shure SM7b--DBX 286S Preamp---Steinberg UR22 Interface ----USB---laptop

For output to my Denon AH-D7100 headphone, I connect the TS output ports on the back of Steinberg to the RCA Input ports of my Centrance DACmini. On the front of the DACmini I get a balanced 6.35mm TRS port in which I plug in my headphone.

Everything is good except the 'simultaneous noise' that always comes with my voice. The software program I am improvising at the moment is Audacity 2.3.2. I should use Pro Tools, or Cubase, but I've not found a free version. I may need to give it a try at Adobe audition, but I figure the noise issue has nothing to do with what DAW program I use.

I wish to use this system to make crystal clear voice recording only, for podcasts. As of now there is always this annoying, persistent noise issue that is getting on my nerves.

Let me explain why I use the DBX 286s preamp. It not only adds more juice to my system (and it is a must to go with the Shure sm7b which demands lots of gain), it has a magic 'audio processing feature' powered by four groups of functionalities, including compressor, DE-esser, Enhancer and Expander/Gate. This preamp is capable of removing all the background noise in my room. When I monitor what I talking using the headphone, I hear no background noise if I don't talk. It is supposed to do this job perfectly and conintue to filter noise while I am talking, but, unfortunately, it creates new noise as I talk. This new type of noise is not too strong. But it is always there, and can sneak into my recordings.

I've tried many times to configure the 8 knobs at the four groups of processing zone on its front panel, but there is no luck. I've also searched across forums where professional recorders discuss technical issues, but nobody has even mentioned my weird issue. I am gonna post to those forums of course, but I am just trying my luck on my Moments first.

Most peopel would not use DBX 286s. They would use a cloud lifter, or a Cloud Lifter or Fethead, each of which can add 20-24 db of gain. I've tried one of them but was not satisfied--there was great background noise that could not be filtered. This 286s device can filter all the noise.

To add more information:

I can take the DBX 286s off the chain, and use steinberg UR22 interface only. That way there would be no 'simultaneous noise', but the background noise is unbearable. And my podcast sounds awful even with a Cloud Lifter or Fethead because the voice is not processed at all. I wish to hear my own voice that is already processed in my monitoring headphone so that it sounds better. Common audio processing methods are compressor, normalize, DE-Esser, Expanding/Gate, etc. The amazing DBX 286s does it all. It gives me great voice, except for that side-effect of 'simultaneous noise', or "the accompanying noise" that always goes with my talking.



  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,249

    I would say that any artifact or clicking sound is not normal operation. The 286s should be clean. If you take it to a Mixer or another interface, does the click remain? If so, service would be the best route.

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