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Gain Structure - Subwoofers Output is lower than Mains


I have some doubts about setting the optimal gain structure on my system.

First of all, there's not a preset for any of my equipments in the DBX VENU360, so I have to set this manually.

1 - Behringer X32 Rack
2 - DBX VENU360
3 - Attack VRV112A (Active Full Range Mains)
4 - Behringer NU6000 w/ 600W RMS Low Speakers

Since I've matched all the operating levels, I start setting the gain, and at a first moment, its seems to be ok, because the mixer clips with the processors input and so does the Main Output.

Then starts the problem with the Subwoofers Output, that does not clip at the same time as the Mains, when im playing pink noise through the System.

What should I do?

If I play pink noise, I've to add more gain to my subwoofers on the X Over section (like + 10/15dB gain) , but it on the live show makes the output clip before the mains.... And if not, it stays "weak"

I hope someone can help me =/

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