driverack 260 - what do built-in speaker/amp tunings actually do?

I just bought a Driverack 260 and am practicing setting it up using the supplied manual - I mocked up a 2x3 config using the preloaded tuning for Yamaha C115Vs and a "custom" for a mono sub (my JBL SRX818s is not avail as a tuning). After finishing the Wizard via Driveware, I checked the crossover settings via Driveware and my high pass on the Yamahas was set to 92hz?!? The sub's low pass was also set to 92hz.

The Yamahas with their big 15" have a useable freq range down to 55hz so I'm WONDERING why the DBX's tuning would set the crossover so high? Or does the built in tuning NOT have anything to do with crossover? OR is the tuning DYNAMIC in that it determines the best crossover points based on the total of ALL components, not just what each individual speaker can do?

And 92hz is too high anyways - I'm more of a by the book <80hz = sub frequencies

any help is appreciated - thanks!

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