pa2 user presets

I'm having a situation with a new Drive rack pa2. If I pull up a preset and modify it then hit the store button it's stores the preset. However if I power down the unit or choose a different preset when I go back to the preset that I had modified and stored the store light is lit again even though I haven't done anything. This happens to any preset that I have modified and then stored every time I choose one of those presets the store light is on. I've called tech support and they are kind of compounded over this anybody else experiencing this thanks


  • By the way I have done a soft reset and I've also done a hard reset. When I did the hard reset all of the user presets they came from the factory all came back as they were and I have and I have no issue with the store light being lit if I choose any of the presets so it doesn't look like it's the memory that's funky anyways
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