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Dual DriveRack 4820 on Network Clashing


I have just taken over a system set up by another vendor some time ago. It has 2units of DriveRack 4820 connected to a private network for control by Audio Architect. I have connected each one to the network and checked using Netsetter individually and they have different IP addresses and device IDs. . However when I plug BOTH to the network at the same time, I realised that they would randomly go online and offline making control very difficult. If I plug just one unit into the network (either unit) they can be controlled just fine.

I did some network level debugging and realised that BOTH units have the same network MAC address set at the factory (00-0f-d7-00-79-f9) and hence the network switches are flapping. I did some more reading and it seems that the MAC address cannot be changed.

I also saw that the unit has 2 Ethernet Ports each and hoping that the MAC was different for the 2 ports, I tried connecting the first unit via the top port and second unit via the bottom port. Same results. Did an ARP -A on my PC and saw the same MAC address popup for both.

Is it really true that 2 units cannot sit on one network concurrently? This does not make sense. Is there a way to change the MAC Address? Or am I connecting things up wrongly?

Much appreciated any assistance. Going crazy at this point and the system is due to be commissioned shortly.


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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,376

    There is not a way to change the MAC Address or workarounds unfortunately. We never solved or had a workaround for this issue as most people were not doing 3rd Party Controllers to two units on these units so it was never widely reported enough to get a fix. The units are EOL/EOS and no longer any development resources will be dedicated.

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