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Question about DriveRack 260 for Eon monitors

I have a DriveRack 260 I haven't opened yet because after I purchased I realized that the PA2 might make more sense for use with Eon monitors. I have a pair of 15's now and plan to purchase an Eon Sub in the near future. The use is for vdrums. I want to make sure the drums sound their best in a rehearsal space. Would the PA2 make more sense. I always have a laptop connected to the drumkit so I don't think I need the mobile. The PA2 seems more aimed at what I want to do which is tune whatever space I'm using the vdrum kit in. I'm worried about the pink noise requirement of the 260 because even for rehearsals that will probably be frowned upon.

Thanks in advance for advice


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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    The PA2 would probably work better yes, just for the fact it's a simple stereo 3 Way crossover with a low summed output ability. The AutoEQ method is much more streamlined and easier to use imho. The 260 is kind of overkill for your setup yes.

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