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What is the purpose of units like the DBX 260?

I am trying to better understand why someone would need a device like the DBX 260, PA+, etc.

I have a pretty small PA that I use, with 2 QSC KW122 as mains, and then 2 JBL EON 610s as monitors/side fills. I also have a KW181 sub that I rarely if ever use, other than home parties. I use a simple Allen & Heath Zed analog mixer as the brain.

I rarely ever have more than 4 musicians playing through the system at once. To me, it has always sounded pretty solid, and I like to think I have a pretty good ear for sound quality. I am also a guitarist and I know good tone, EQ etc.

So what is the purpose of something like one of these aforementioned units? Is it only really designed for people with larger systems? Unpowered speaker systems?

I have an open rack space above my rackmounted power conditioner. What might I stand to gain by including one of these in my system? Does it change the very nature by which you EQ and set levels on individual channels/instruments?

Please, enlighten me!


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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,366

    Hello. It is not just for Large PA's or Unpowered speakers. The PA2, DriveRack 260 and Venu360, (PA+ is discontinued) can work with any PA and speaker/amp type out there.

    It does not change individual instruments as much as it changes your whole mix. Think of these devices as a Compressor, EQ, Crossover, Limiter, all in one. With the ability to AutoEQ your EQ curve to your venue/room. Also Advanced Feedback Suppression for microphones to prevent feedback.

    Rather than having 4-6 different racks in your signal processing, you can utilize a DriveRack. I had a PA2 in my rehearsal room, we had to mains running stereo full range and it sounded amazing, plus the no feedback. Highly recommend as a user, not just as a company rep.

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