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dbx 231s equalizer

just bought the dbx 231s equalizer and want to make sure I am hooking it up correctly to my home audio system. I think I need to buy the 1/4" TRS jacks and split the cable into RCA males for connection to my late 1960s McIntosh C27 preamp (tape in and tape out). does that sound correct? thanks!


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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,366

    The logical connection type would follow like any equipment. I don't have anything to follow your equipment exactly though. Typically an EQ will sit in between source audio/preamp, then EQ, then to Power Amp or Powered speakers. Follow that, you'll be fine, and the connection type you can run balanced/unbalanced to RCA if you need, they are two channel so you do not have to run balanced unless you need extra long cable length. You can use each channel as a L and a R if need be

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