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DBX 283s

We bought this year 4 dbx 286s for a live studio.
We use it with 4 SE-X1 microphones with 48V phantom power.
The DBX is getting warm (hot) and sometimes a microphone loss his power and become unusable. Removing the XLR on the microphone an plug it again is a temporally solution or power off and again on works too.
One of our technicians has the same problem because his dbx286s is placed in a 19inch rack between other equipment.
Removing this and set it on another place free from other devices is a solution for his problem. He will modificate the unit with a fan and cooling rib. But sorry that is a bridge too far because they are under warranty. Sending back is not the solution (to BAX-SHOP.NL) our vendor because they do not have any in stock.

No problem with the older versions of the DBX286s with phantom power use.

Anyone with the same problem?

Is an external 48 phantom power supply a solution???



  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,371

    It is not a known issue to have these units heat up, but any amp, preamp or post amp we always recommend at least one rack unit of space in between, by the very nature of this equipment, operational heatup can happen.

    You can also talk to the distributor about service for the units as well if you think it is a further fault of hardware.

    Not much I can suggest other than that.

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